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Moving in Los Angeles: What You Need to Know

Moving in Los Angeles can be a challenge. First, there’s the fact that your life is being uprooted, and this can be stressful. But then there are more logistical challenges about how to actually move your stuff from one place to another quickly, affordably, and safely. That’s where your moving company, hopefully Shleppers Moving & Storage, comes in.

We have moved thousands of customers all over Los Angeles County. We service Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Studio City and the Valley, areas of Ventura County, Orange County, San Gabriel Valley and more. In these areas, we provide local moving services, as well as long distance moving services. Our movers are trained to handle all of your needs, and we offer various services to meet every customer’s specific needs and budgets.

Why Hourly Moves Will Work for You

For most local moves that are relatively small, like for an apartment of two bedrooms or less, we recommend going hourly. In this type of job, we quote you an hourly rate for the movers that includes the truck and crew. We can provide two, three, or four movers to help you get things done quickly and easily. You’ll know our movers when you see them because they typically arrive in a large orange Shleppers truck!

What you need to know about these moves is that we include our equipment in the price, but we do not include DISPOSABLE materials. So for instance, we include the dollies and moving blankets, because we take them back at the end of the move. You are not consuming our dollies (unless you have a very strange diet). We only charge for materials that you consume, such as packing tape, boxes, and shrink wrap.

The other important thing to know about Hourly Moves is how we (and other moving companies in Los Angeles and California in general) bill for travel time.  Basically, in order to make pricing equivalent from company to company, moving companies utilize double drive time billing. What the heck does that mean? Relax, we’ll tell you. We charge nothing to get to you. We charge nothing to get back from your job to our terminal. Instead, we only charge the time between your origin and destination at a rate of 2x, with x being your hourly rate.  That way, if two moving companies are bidding on your job, and one is close to you and the other is farther away, it shouldn’t make a difference since neither company charges for the travel getting to you.  Does that make sense? Hope so.

The Bottom Line

For small local moving jobs, take advantage of our hourly moves. They are simple and fast to book, and our guys will do an awesome job shlepping your stuff.