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Moving Season & Non Peak Pricing

One of the things many people don’t know is that moving is a seasonal business. During the winter, things slow down. In the spring and summer, things get very busy for movers all over the country.

The same is true within any given month. If you need to move at the end of the month, that’s a busy time. Middle of the month moves have much less demand. So, much like buying an airline ticket, prices for moves at the ends of month and during peak season are often at higher rates than during down times.

If you live in Los Angeles and are looking to move with the best, most affordable and professional movers you can find, contact us. We strive to move as many customers as we can possibly help out. To do this, we lower prices during non peak times of the month to make moving affordable for you, and also to keep our schedule full all month long.

With long distance moves, the challenge of moving during peak season is quite literally–space on a truck. There is so much demand for space on trucks that there simply is not enough supply. This is the reason that long distance moves during peak season are subject to more delays than the rest of the year. At Shleppers, we have our our fleet of trucks that goes to the surrounding states regularly, insuring quality of service and expedient delivery times.

We look forward to handling your move for you. Call us, and let’s commence the shlepping!

At Shleppers Moving & Storage, we take pride in our ability to handle simple and complex moves alike. Contact us for your next move and see the difference!